College makes students to wear cardboard on heads during the exam


Students “thinking inside” the box, ashamed that a private college in Karnataka, made students wear corrugated box to stop them from copying during exams.

As per the sources, when the students of the Bhagat Pre-University College in Haveri arrived for their mid-term exam, they were handed specially modified cartons to cover their heads which has one opening on the front, where they can only see the answer sheets, reportedly to stop them from cheating.

As far as the administration is a concern they are trying to tell us that Several times the students were dismissed from the exam hall only because of they did not have obeyed the rules and with the repeated warning for cheating they were completely failed, which is why they found the only solution.

The college administration put these photos on social media which went on viral.What we see is thinking out of Box the teacher took this step for the betterment of the students.

Somehow it shows the inability of the college to conduct exam, that is why come up with completely bizarre logic on how they can stop cheating from taking place.

Following this, as per twitter post, the Deputy Director of Public Instruction has already ordered an inquiry. “We will take strong action against the college after completion of inquiry. We have already served notice to the college and are waiting for the reply by the institutions. Once received we will proceed with our inquiry, officials said – the Indian express.

However, the college has set a bad precedent, they could have used CCTV camera and strict check to prevent malpractices during the exam.


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