How to use egg for hair growth?


Healthy, volumized hair often seems to be a dream for all.

Apart from being an ingredient for food, egg also shows its multitasking benefits. Egg for hair can make your hair looks lovelier. Using natural product has always been benefited, and the best part is that they are easily available. And you don’t need to pay huge amount for it.

How to use the egg on hair?

1. Beat the egg in bowl to prepare paste.

2. Then mix the egg with oil until the white and yolk of egg get combined.

3. It’s better to use the olive oil or coconut oil. You can skip the oil, but it’s better to add oil to have more conditioning.

4. Apply the mixture to your hair.

5. Make sure that your each and every part of hair must be covered in the mixture.

6. Leave it for 20-30 minutes.

7. Wash your hair will cool water.

8. Apply shampoo to get rid of egg smell.

9. Left your hair for air dry.

10. Enjoy your healthy hair.

It’s the easiest way to nourish your hair.


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