Being a mother mean Accepting your emotions: Actress Aditi Shirwaikar Malik


The wife of Actor Mohit Malik and Hindi TV Serial Actress Aditi Shirwaikar Malik took to her Instagram Account to share her Chapter 7 of Motherhood Diaries, which is Accepting Your Emotions.

Sharing a picture with her son Ekbir, the Actress wrote, “Motherhood is an overwhelming journey….one that has many ups and downs! People talk about pregnancy mood swings, but I feel the ride afterward can also be bumpy. While for most of the time newfound motherhood is full of warmth and love, the beautiful smell of a newborn and the giggles and laughter that come afterward, there also are sleepless nights, a complete change around in schedule, responsibilities, and just a new you! And with it comes a whirlwind of emotions sometimes! It’s tiring! And sometimes you just miss having a life with lesser responsibilities. And at that moment remember, it’s completely ok to feel overwhelmed, it’s ok to feel a little low. Being a mother doesn’t mean that you can never have your lows, accepting them and overcoming them is important.”

Expressing her emotion behind the picture, Aditi wrote, “This picture was taken by Mohit when I was crying, I didn’t realize when he entered the room and clicked it. These tears though weren’t the low ones, I was just overwhelmed looking at Ekbir, thinking about how beautiful this phase is…And in those moments we were clicked, capturing those happy sweet tears forever!”

“So remember if its tears, let them come out…. it’s not only your baby who can cry, you too can…have an outlet and accept the emotions because this journey ain’t easy! #HappyMotherhood,” She said.


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