PPHS 1990 Batch School Re(Re)Union Event !!


    On January 8th, 2023, a perfect Sunday morning in Mumbai, batchmates from Poorna Prajna High School (PPHS) 1990 batch came together at the Sachin Tendulkar Gymkhana in Kandivali for what would become one of the most memorable events for everyone attending.

    That is what best describes the second re-union of the PPHS 1990 Batch. The location and ambience (posh to the point that it could be mistaken for a wedding venue) was perfect. The attendees represented a global cohort from the very OGs (Original Gangsters) including the front, middle and back benchers alike, all joined by a common thread – 1990 batch from PPHS!

    It was no easy feat, but the organizers managed to pull it all together, planning for months at length and globally coordinated. How do we allow for annual family vacations, let international and domestic travel be booked in advance, arrange for decorations, plan programmes, hire photo and video media professionals, finalize catering – Veg and Non Veg, hire professional DJ and sound equipment, get a professional “Master of Ceremonies” (MC), and tick and tie every bit of detail, stage prep, a “selfie” booth was artistically designed by our very own next generation protégé (Riya Yogesh Bhusane) and much more.

    The Event kicked off by friends reconnecting, some after 33 years (yes, they missed the first reunion!) and memories started pouring, the good, bad and (somewhat) naughty ! As soon as a good quorum was complete, one of the lead organizers started with some divine invocations, blessing those present.

    The DJ invited guys and gals to participate in fun games, sparking a bit of friendly competition, making the (almost) 50yo attendees MOVE! And did they move! There were obvious star dancers but everyone shook a leg (arm, hip and knee); a 400 year old game was played by two x unsuspecting players who probably were set up to provide the audience a break and many laughs; more games, more dance eventually reminders of schedule and lunch.

    Epic performances followed, by talented attendees causing the audience to be mesmerized at times Tabla and rendition of a classic ghazal, starting an impromptu chorus at other times

    Another highlight of the event was a rocking performance by Son of Late Narayan Sonu , Mr Milind Shevre, a top grade lead guitarist in the bollywood film industry whose experience includes playing for the world famous artist Late Mr. Jagjit Singh, along with being the lead guitarist for many music studio. It was phenomenal and memorable, to say the least.

    A presentation about a unique yet great cause branded with the 1990 batch, definitely gave everyone a reason to be emotional – and why not , these were semi oldies to say the least! Managed by a newly formed Trust (VeeCare with board members from the 1990 batch such as Zakir Sheikh and Anurag Gawde), this initiative would allow senior citizens, with kids who have busy lives or kids living abroad, access to rest and relaxation in a serene resort community based in Dahanu.

    No one wanted the event to end, mainly because of the rekindled friendships, emotional connections made, and the sheer euphoria fueled by nostalgia only possible by foundational friendships that would endure the tests of time.

    Only one thing remains – looking forward to the next reunion!

    Well done Job PPHS 1990 Batch Students !!


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