Self reliance is the first lesson taught in this village school


    A school principal in a Jharkhand village is on a mission to take education to other levels during the Covid pandemic. Sapan Kumar, the principal of ‘Utramit Madhya Vidyalaya’ at Dumarthar village in Dhumka, had recently hit headlines by transforming an entire village into a classroom where walls serve as a blackboard on which students solve assignments given by teachers through loudspeakers. Now, the teacher has taken another initiative and is making the children self-sufficient by helping them make chalks, mats and brooms which are needed for running the classes.

    The Principal said the students are producing chalks, mats and brooms after their classes and the materials used for making the blackboard are obtained from local resources without using any chemical or paint. Kumar took this initiative to make children learn the importance of self-reliance as he believes that all-round development is important for a child to become successful in life. As buying chalk is too expensive, so Kumar found an alternative and decided to produce it on own.

    Students are also happy that they are learning new skills. Also, the outdoor classes are set in such a way that social distancing is maintained.


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