Why food cooked in clay pot are delicious?


    The nature made utensil are one of the best medium to cook food because they don’t have any side effects, Clay pot is one from them. Even many of you love to eat the meat curry and biryani that were cooked in it, but were aware of the reason about why it taste so yum.

    People of Odisha has named the clay pot as “Mati Handi”. The clay pot is usually used to cook in rural areas, but nowadays it is used in the restaurant also, to give a different taste to their food.   

    Reason of how it create such taste in food, firstly because of the heat of the material that flow through food, and it’s conductivity of the energy is also a big factor and then the ability of the nature material to transform the protein or to let a certain amount of the steam letting through, definitely impact on the final taste of the food. Therefore it create different taste.

    Cooking in clay pot may take little long time to get prepare food than steel or metal utensil, but “Sabr ka phal meetha hota hai- The fruit of patience is sweet”.

    Benefits while cooking with clay pots

    1. It Preserves nutrients- Other than metal or aluminium pots, heat and moisture circulate through the pot during cooking which leads to majority of nutrients getting preserved instead of evaporation.

    2. Slow cooking- The dishes that needs slow cooking, clay is the best option available.

    3. Less oil- As the food gets cooked in its own oils and liquids.

    4. No Reaction- Cookwares like clay are inert in nature and that’s the reason it doesn’t react much with food.

    5. Keep food warm for long hour– Food prepared in clay generally stays warm for a longer time upto 3 to 4 hours.

    6. Natural sweetener- Clay acts as a natural sweetener and any acidic foods like potato, meat, rice will take some natural sweetness from the earthenware pot. This is the reason why liquids like water, tea and coffee tastes better in clay than any other vessel.

    In short the three advantage it provides that the food tastes better, it is healthier and preserves nutrients.


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