Things need to do Before Sleeping.

TThere are many who face the problem of frequently waking up in night which hamper their sleep as a result it welcomes diseases like blood pressure, weakness, irritation and much more. So, here we have come up with the things which will help you to have complete sleep.

Steps to have complete sleep

1. Get Relax

When your minds cooks curtain random thoughts from day itself then try to listen some music and have meditation by doing yoga before going to sleep. As every body parts depends upon mind to get functioned. So, to be relaxed first you need to charge your mind.

2. Take a Bath

Take a hot shower before an hour of your bedtime. The warmness when touch your body refresh you completely. It will be better if you will put oil while taking bath that will fresh you up completely.

3. Check the Room Temperature

Your bedroom should make you feel comfortabl while sleeping. If you feel suffocated, open up the window. Try to keep balance in your room temperature; don’t keep too hot or too cold.  

4. Have a Healthy Drink

Instead of having sleeping pills try to have healthy drink such as the milk which includes calcium inside it and the herbal drink which involves proteins not only keeps you healthy but also helps you to have peaceful sleep.

5. off the Screen

The light from the screens affects eye, which put pressure directly in your brain. So, try to switch off the laptops, mobile phones or TV before an hour of going to bed.

6. Have a Walk

Don’t go to bed immediately after dinners have some walk. This will help you from loosing body fat, also will keeps you feet which will have a stress less sleep.

7. Stick to same Routine

Set the same time in every morning. Don’t be sleep even if you had slept late in last night or don’t sleep for more minutes after listening the alarm. Sticking to time will help you in time management throughout the day.

8. Change Mattress

To have a good night sleep you need to clean your mattress, which will keeps you germs free. It will be comfortable you have soft mattress which will change your mood of sleeping peacefully.  

9. Avoid Bad Habits

If you are addicted of drinking alcohol and smoking then avoid it because that will make your sleep poor. If you stop it for one day then won’t be able to sleep whole night.

10. Share your Worries

If you are going through curtain difficult time or useless thought or busy at work, then try writing down or else share it with your close ones about your worries and find out the conclusion for it immediately. Once you have shared your worries will goanna put it away.

11. Eat Banana

As it contains magnesium which provides a natural muscle relaxant that stimulate production in brain.

12. Keep your Room Dark

Dim the light before some minutes of sleeping, because the bright light will wake you up by irritating your brain.