Class-X students gets lessons through YouTube


When schools are closed in view of COVID-19 pandemic and students need to prepare for their board exam, the Board of Secondary Education (BSE), Odisha has initiated online education for standard 10 students through YouTube. The authorities of BSE have prepared video lessons in English and General Science subjects based on the reduced syllabus for Annual High School Certificate Examination, 2021. The videos have been uploaded on YouTube and the links provided in the BSE website for the students.

“As per the reduced syllabus, comprehensive video lessons on all topics in English and the life science component of the General Science subject have already been prepared and uploaded. Videos on Physical Science and Mathematics are being prepared for the matrics students,” said BSE President Ramahis Hazra.

“Generally students face difficulties in understanding English, General Science and Mathematics. In absence of classroom teaching, students are finding it more difficult to learn these subjects. Considering the problem, the BSE has decided to prove, the BSE has decided to provide video lessons on the difficult subjects for the students, Hazra added.”


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