Odisha gets new all-in-one emergency helpline number

People in emergency need to dial ‘112’ now, instead of remembering and calling different helpline numbers such as ‘100’ (police), ‘101’ (fire), ‘102’ (Janani ambulance), ‘104’ (coronavirus), ‘108’ (disaster), ‘181’ (women helpline) and ‘1089’ (child helpline). The ‘112’ integrates emergency service such as police, ambulance, fire department and women’s helpline. Chief Minister, Naveen Patnaik said the helpline will enable the police to provides services in a better and efficient manner. A single emergency number will be easy to remember and people in distress would get a faster response. The helpline will come into force with immediate effect.

Pattnaik expressed hope that the facility which comes into force with immediate effect, will strengthen people’s faith in the system. The chief minister also approved the creation of 1,098 posts in the police department for providing quick and efficient service to the people of the state through this facility.

Four Deputy Superintendents of Police, 151 Sub- Inspectors, 203 Assistant Sub-Inspectors and 740 Constables will be engaged to provide the ‘112’ emergency service. This apart, 198 call-receiver executives will be outsourced and 236 vehicles will be deployed for the purpose, it said.

The scheme is aimed at ensuring optimum utilisation of manpower and prompt action on emergency calls.