Dipti Mahapatro General Manager (P&A) CRUT gets international recognition as Electric Women in Transport 2022

Mo Bus has become a familiar name by now in the domain of public transport. The citizen friendly Mo Bus service of the Capital Region of Odisha has won yet recognition where the General Manager (P&A) of CRUT, Mrs. Dipti Mahapatro has been internationally recognised as Electric Women in Transport 2022 by TUMI (Transformative Urban Mobility Initiative), GIZ and Women Mobilize Women. 

The 2022 edition throws light on 15 outstanding women globally who are working towards promoting E-Mobility. They are celebrating the success and accomplishments of these women who have been striving hard to transform transportation sector by making it greener, sustainable and inclusive.

Mrs. Dipti Mahapatro has been the change maker in transforming the mobility sector in Odisha. Her continuous effort in bringing about positive change by promoting gender inclusive public transport where drivers of the E-Vehicles are women, transgender and people from disadvantaged sections of the society, has taken public transportation system in the city to the next level.  This award recognises her vision to provide excellence in public transit service and the continuous effort she has put in the improvement of the Capital Region’s urban mobility system. 

CRUT promptly responded to the Electric Vehicle Policy of Odisha by planning to launch E-Rickshaws (Mo E-Ride) and E-Buses. CRUT is overwhelmed at witnessing such incredible recognition given to Mrs. Dipti Mahapatro, GM (P&A) as she spearheaded the concept of ‘Mo E-Ride’ in Bhubaneswar, an electric rickshaw system that acts as a feeder service to Mo Bus Operations. She has been instrumental in ensuring that a pool of professionally trained drivers is created to serve the public. She has been successfully able to create a public transport ecosystem in Odisha that is sustainable, accessible, affordable and safe for all. She envisions changing the male dominance in the public transport sector by creating an ecosystem that is gender inclusive and gender sensitive.