How to repost picture and videos on Instagram?

Everyone loves to share their favorite content with their followers which are borrowed from different accounts. Well, as per  Instagram language we call the sharing of a picture as repost where you can upload others photos too in your own account.

If you are worried about not being able to repost, then calm down! because here we have shared the steps to follow while re-posting the images and videos.

Before giving you the ideas of sharing a picture and videos, let me tell you that the most important thing you need to keep in mind that first of all, you need to take the permission from someone, before reposting their content. If you do n’t follow this rule, then you are allowing the risk of taking legal action.

Steps to repost in Instagram:-

1. Open Instagram, then find the post you want to repost.

  1. Now tap the three dots to bring up the image menu.

3. Then tap Copy link.

  1. Open the Repost for an Instagram app, which you need to download from play store.
  1. The post you want to repost will be there waiting in the repost app.
  1. Tap the post and then choose whether you want to repost the content to your Story or to your feed.
  1. Then by going to post the image to my feed, now you can set the small watermark that will appear on the image.
  1. Once you have done that, tap on Repost. 
  1. Then tap the Copy caption and then open Instagram, it will show the image selected on Instagram as a normal post.

10. Then it’s up to you to edit it or not.

11. Paste the caption.

12. Don’t Forget to give Credit the Content Creator, by @username on the image itself.

13. And now, you are all done!

Steps to follow before repost:

1. Comment Directly on the Original Post by saying that ‘We love this photo! Could we please share this on our account?’

2. If you are taking the screenshot of the image, if you don’t have the space for the repost app, for then ‘send a DM with a Screenshot’.

3. If the Original Poster wants to promote its post, then ask to agree to your Terms and Conditions

Normally, the original poster grants permission to repost. Well, whoever doesn’t want their content to get promoted. By having their content shared not only gives them exposure, but it will often increase the followers in some hours.