You are wrong if you think that the overripe banana is the waste product.

Banana is a perfect food for having it as a snacks, as it is easy to consume in a hurry situation. As the majority of the people love to eat banana; they buy it in a dozen at a time which sometimes overripe like making an appearance of a brown color spot over it, if you forget to have it in an every day diet.

Well, not kidding! But yes you are guessing the right thing. You can use those bananas in different ways.

The best way of using the food is using it for making different recipes with delicious output. So, below the ways are being shared where you can find out different ideas to use the overripe banana in a better manner.

1. Banana pancakes – Its a quick process where you need to mash the ripe banana and put it into the batter which includes flour, sugar, salt, butter mix it up then put it in a pan flip it up the have it.

2. Oats – You can make your oats meal a bit more healthier by adding by using banana in it. Simply make oats then mash the overripe banana mix it up then garnish it with nuts, as usual, you make with oats.

3. Milkshake – To make your milkshake more smoothly you can add the ripe banana into it to have the taste mushy flavored into it.

4. Cookies – Your cookies become more healthy if you add some fruits into it as like the fruit like banana it makes the cookies softer and easy to chew it.


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