What is Child Labor Day celebrated for?

    Young minds which should be nurtured and given the chance to prosper, are instead made to worry about their next meal.

    Even some children are used in terror-activities as child-suicide-bombers by some religious sects.

    Teachers around the world are teaming up against Child Labour We need public, free, quality education for every single child now.

    Of the 168 million child labourers globally, 68 million are girls, ChildLabour not only harms their development & physical health, it can also cause mental problems. let’s ensure all children have access to health & education.

    As we see that the school dropout rate of boys is higher & increasing by the day as more & more boys r being pushed to ChildLabour, must eradicate gender-bias in children, rename BetiBachaoBetiPadhao to BachayPadaoBachayBachao.

    Meanwhile, Inayat foundation organised events on child labour day and distributed educational tools to needy children at Bilaspur in Chhattisgarh.

    Volunteers motivated children towards importance of education.

    Every child has the right to be protected from engaging in work that constitutes a threat to his health, education or development( Article 28(2) of 1992 Constitution) Protect the future of the child in your custody, help him work on his dreams & not in the fields

    There is no reason, no excuse
    Child labour is Child abuse.

    Children are forced into labour because they can’t speak for themselves. Be their voice and stand their ground. If you see a child being forced to work or aware of anyone who supports this practice,speak up and raise your voice.

    On the occasion of World Day Against Child Labour let us join hands to wage a battle against ChildLabour & pledge ourselves to the cause of children’s education.