Amazing Benefits of Date Palm/Khejur


Originated in a region between Mesopotamia & Egypt now dates are cultivated across africa, middle east,south asia in some tropical region also. There are around more than 30 numbers of date cultivars are grown. The english name “Date” come from a greek word “Daktulos” which means finger because of its shape”.

Medicinal Use:

1.Dates are good source of pottasium and sugar.

2.It has antioxidant properties.

3.It helps to control sugar level in blood, help to i prove brain health.

4. Dates are good for heart also. Dates contains fibre so it helps in digestion.

5. The fruit of the date palm contains tannin, which makes it an effective astringent.

6. The fruit from this tree has been used to treat sore throats, colds, bronchial catarrh, fevers, gonorrhea, edema and abdominal problems.

7. The seeds from the tree have been ground into a paste that is effective in treating ague.

8. Toothaches have been relieved by date palm roots. Finally, gum extracted from the trunk of this tree has effectively been used to treat diarrhea and urinary ailments.

Now people are using dates syrup as a replacement of sugar in some delicasies.
Commercial production of date are now increasing day by day

Seed Use:

1. The seeds produced by the date palm have been used as food for horses, cattle, camels, sheep and goats. Once ground, they can be used to feed chickens as well.

2. The oils contained within the seeds make them a useful ingredient in cosmetics and soaps.

3. The seeds can also be burned to make charcoal. The chemical composition of the seeds allows them to be used to create oxalic acid.


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