BRO to educate children of Casual Paid Labourers


Border Roads Organisation (BRO) has undertaken a noble deed of educating the children of Casual Paid Labourers (CPLs) who are employedby them for various road construction workson the Dharasu-Gangotri road in Uttarakhand. Devoid of mobile connection &basic facilities, the officers and supervisors of BRO are imparting education to these childrenin the most inhospitable high-altitude terrain.

Junior Engineer Rahul Yadav and Subedar Sandesh Pawar responsible for the road construction on Gangotri Highway in Uttarkashi district came up with the idea of providing the children with basic education and keeping them engaged when their parents are out working.

Three camps in Jhangla, Hindoligarh and Naga are holding these outdoor classes since July 21, 2021. Presently, 60-70 children are attending these classes. These officers of BRO are also proactively working with an NGO ‘Goonj’ to provide clothing and ration to these children. Carrying forward the initiative of these officers, BRO plans to provide basic accommodation and better teaching facilities to the children in the coming months.

The CPLs are the backbone of BRO as they work in inhospitable and difficult terrains to ensure construction of strategic border roads. They stay away from their homes for long durations and are cut off from society. Most of them working in these areas hail from Jharkhand or are those who reside near the Nepal border. The aim of this initiative is to engage with these young and often neglected minds by educating them and ensuring that their parents are encouraged and satisfied with the organisation they work for.


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