Children in MP are using giant road as blackboard

Source: Twitter

Usually, people use roads to travel from one place to another but in Madhya Pradesh children are using the road as a giant blackboard to do the counting on tables and to learn other subjects. This Corona pandemic has severely affected children as schools are closed and moving out from home is not safe. So, to tackle the situation children have moved to learn with fun techniques. According to OrissaPost report, this unique experiment of writing on the giant road as blackboard has taken place in Simori Village of Betul District in Madhya Pradesh.

The children of this state adopt various steps to learn like counting, tables, nouns, names of grains, flowers, fruits and vegetable etc. Generally, whatever the children learn at home or in community classes, they write it on the road just for fun which actually helps them to improve their writing skills. This apart, whenever any child passes through this road the writing pieces of stuff helped them as revising material for them.

Normally children use this road as hangout venue, as they spare mos of their time to ride a bicycle and to play. Mamata Gohar, the member of a local NGO, said “We are providing white and coloured chalks to children free of cost. This new concept has a chance to attract more children to education.

Pratika Priyadarshini