Incredible India is world-famous and popularly known as the land of a melting pot of cultures, traditions and festivals. January 26, this date is always remarkable in India. This date is celebrated as Republic day in India. The national festival is celebrated each year to recall the day when the Constitution of India came into effect since 1950.

Today India celebrated its 72nd Republic Day. Taking into consideration of the Covid-19 crisis no chief guest were invited for the occasion. In spite of obeying Covid-19 guidelines also the charm of today’s event showcasing rich culture, traditions of various Indian states and power of the amazing stunt show by the three wings of Indian Armed Forces: Airforce, Navy and Army are more than enough to drum the beats of Patriotism in the hearts of every Indian.

The latest updates of today’s Republic day is outshined below:

A single Rafale shows stunts flying at a speed of 900 km/hr
Rafale aircraft flying at a speed of 900 km/hr showed a stunning move ‘Vertical Charlie’. The air moves of Rafale is controlled by Group Captain Harkirat Singh, awarded with Shaurya Chakra, commanding officer at 17 Squadron and Squadron leader Kislaykant.

Airshow of The Trinetra, Trishul formation in the sky. Three Su-30 MKIs aircraft split outwards and upwards movements, forming ‘Trishul Structure in the sky’. This Trinetra formation is led by Group Captain Ak Mishra. The commanding officer of 15 Squadron and Squadron leader RC Kulkarni.

Group Airshow by Rafale with two Jaguar Deep penetration strike aircraft and 2MiG- 29
One Rafale between 2 Jaguar Deep Penetration strike aircraft and 2MiG-29 Air Superiority Fighters formed The ‘Eklavya’ shaped were the next to fly past at a height of 300m and speed of 780km/hr. The formation is led by Group Captain Rohit Kataria, flight Commander of 17 Squadron.

A Dakota aircraft bound with 2 Mi-17 IV helicopters in ‘Rudra’ formation.
A Dakota aircraft bound with 2Mi-17 IV helicopters together constituted Rudra formation. Dakota aircraft played a major role in Tangail airdrop leading to Bangladesh’s Liberation.

Swetalin Mohanty


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