Ethanol Blending has Improved from 1.53% during Ethanol Supply Year 2013-14 to 7.93% ongoing ESY 2020-21


E-100 pilot projects has been launched at Pune city by Public Sector Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) on June 05, 2021. With a view to enhance fuel choice and facilitate sale of E-100 fuel, MoP&NG vide its order dated March 22, 2021 has amended the Motor Spirit and High Speed Diesel (Regulation of Supply, Distribution and Prevention of Malpractices) Order, 2005 by permitting the direct sale of Bio-ethanol (E100) by an oil company for use as standalone fuel or blending with motor spirit, for compatible automobiles to all consumers, in accordance with the standards specified by the Bureau of Indian Standards.

The Notified National Policy on Biofuels – 2018, provided an indicative target of blending 20% ethanol in petrol by 2030. Government has undertaken several supply and demand side interventions since 2014 which has enabled improvement in ethanol blending from average 1.53% during Ethanol Supply Year (ESY) 2013-14 to 7.93% during ongoing ESY 2020-21 as on July 12, 2021. An Interdepartmental Expert Committee under the Chairmanship of Additional Secretary NITI Aayog has submitted a “Roadmap for Ethanol Blending in India 2020-25” which outlines the journey for 20% ethanol blending in the country. Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas has published a Notification dated June 02, 2021, wherein, it has been stated that OMCs shall sell ethanol blended petrol with percentage of ethanol upto 20% as per BIS Specifications in the whole of India and Union Territories and shall come into effect from April 01, 2023.

This information was given by the Minister of State for Petroleum and Natural Gas  Shri Rameswar Teli in a written reply in the Lok Sabha today.


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