Mother and daughter working out together doing exercise at home

“Health is not valued till sickness comes.” People take good health for granted until they fall Ill. This pandemic has made people stay at home for a prolonged period of time and usually do nothing.  People are confined or occupied within the four walls of their house. Work from home has fixed a person at one place for hours with a laptop or desktop resulting in Back pain, severe headache, anxiety, irritation and too much stress.  People become a victim to additional stress in this Covid-19 pandemic and somewhere it is a threat to our mental and physical health. People are more inclined towards sitting at one place, excess eating / bad eating habits and doing less or no physical activity. This is greatly affecting the body and mind leading to serious disease which is a threat to our life.

According to World Health Organization (WHO), “At times like this, it is very important for people of all ages to be as active as possible. Even a short break from sitting or doing 3-4 minute if light physical movement like stretching or walking will help ease your muscles and improves blood circulation and muscles activity. Regular physical activity reduces blood pressure, helps manages weight and reduce the risk of heart diseases- all conditions that can increase the vulnerability to Covid-19.”

Taking proper care of our body and mind should be our first priority. Research says that the time is crucial now and even a simple cold and fever might cause threat to our body.  The advantages of doing exercise and being physically fit have been significant across lifespan. People are meant to make body movements so that the body’s system works better when we are physically active. So it is suggested to do some kind of physical exercise to keep us healthy.


  • It is an effective process or a kind of treatment /therapy which keeps away the symptoms of depression and anxiety.
  • Constant physical activity can benefit your sleep, physical health and helps reduce your mood swings.
  • Also constant physical exercise enhances your motivation power and keeps your mind calm and composed.
  • Research suggests that elevated levels of aerobic activity may be associated with greater reduction in depressive symptom. Home exercises such as jumping jack, mountain climbers and strength based exercise like push-ups, sit-ups and standing squats can be done once or twice a day.
  • Strength based exercise is seen reducing the symptom of anxiety in a person with or without anxiety order.

During this pandemic it is seen that youth are the major victims of Depression, low self-esteem, suicides and bad sleep. Regular physical activity and exercise at home early morning will elevate the individual’s self-esteem, Improves concentration and sleep and also reduce depression.


  • Being fit and healthy prevents you from catching virus. Physical activity revitalize your mind and body due to endorphins ( a chemical in our brain) and helps to improve all aspects of our health including strengthening of immune system.
  • Moderate physical activity supports immune function, don’t do much intense workout if you are not used to it.
  • Use exercise to keep up your energy and spirits in times like pandemic so that you are less inclined towards inculcating unhealthy drinking habits, which can affect your immune system.


Plan your exercise and stick to it. Complete your fitness routine early morning so that you can motivate yourself and to feel energetic throughout the day. Track your workout with daily increment in time say, from 30 minutes first day to 40 minutes on the third day. Also track the number of days you are exercising in a week. Make your exercise interesting by listening some good motivational music or to a podcast. When exercising at home, open the doors and windows of your room or do it in balcony or terrace to get fresh air and good smell. Don’t bore yourself with your regular fitness routine. Try something new like dancing, cardio funk or find a good workout video online. You can also try boxing or yoga.

REMEMBER health habits you build now will help you stay happier and healthier far beyond this global pandemic. Use physical activity as a strong strategy to maintain health in this stressful period. We have to think new ways to build our emotional flexibility and body health.

Sumi Shaw