Five Myth of period people believe and Facts to know


It’s 2020 but menstruation is still a taboo in lot of places. Girls on their period are discriminated against and made to believe that mensuration is something dirty and not a natural bodily process. On World Mensural Hygiene Day, we have come up with some periods myths which we are not sure why people still believe. Let’s scroll up!

1. Myth – Food like curd, tamarind and pickles disturb menstrual flow.
Fact- There is nothing you can’t eat on your period.

2. Myth- Girls are ‘impure’ while they are on their periods so they shouldn’t visit cook or visit religious places.
Fact- Menstruation is a natural biological process. There is nothing impure about it.

3. Myth– Any form of physical activity can disturb menstrual flow.
Fact- Light exercise can sometimes (not always) help relieve the pain.

4. Myth– If you use a tampon you are no longer a virgin.
Fact– Being a virgin essentially implies that someone has not yet penetrative sex. And using a tampon has nothing to do with sex. Plus virginity is a social construct.

5. Myth– You can’t get pregnant while on your periods.
Fact– Menstruation is a period where women are the least fertile, but pregnancy can still occur. So, use protection.

So, Let’s Learn and spread the words.


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