Flower will change your communication skills


    Yah it’s the only flower that will change your communication skill. Ok I am not talking about the flower that blossom in garden. It’s about the F.L.O.W.E.R. The communication seems to be unreal if won’t follow this six alphabets.

    What’s this FLOWER all about?

    The role of flower in the field of communication is shared below. So, lets just have a look!

    F(Fearlessness) – To develop an effective personality. In short “you can if you think you can”. Believe in yourself, realise your fault and face the situation in confidence.

    L(Learning)- If you aspire you will gonna be too good. Study whatever comes your side, listen each and every point of view, read new things, generate experience though participation and lastly explore by collecting different ideas. Because creative mind keeps us from learning.

    O(Observation)- Its most important to observe yourself as well as others. Because no one knows yourself than others. The personality mainly affect our performance by perfection. Basically, the three things that matters the most are to expect, to compete and to compare. The more you explore in life the more you perform. Competing with yourself is a healthy performance and always to keep in mind is to know yourself, know your uniqueness growth and act accordingly.

    W(Writing)- It is basically a clear thought process of message that makes use of the written word. It is essential for the worthy promotional areas. Writing allows the clarity in message than the telephonic and face to face.

    E(Expression)- It is about express yourself to yourself and yourself to others may be through giving opinion about something, sharing  the point of view and accepting the response. The EVS coordination makes the confidence visible in the expression where the E is Eye, V is Voice and S is the Smile.

    R(Rectification)- Change is the unchangeable law in nature. Only it is matter of correcting, changing, constant. So try to be change to see in world.

    Try to be flower in your life.


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