Get the happy life from three Monkey’s lesson


    When we come across any monkey the first thing that comes to our mind is about Gandhiji’s three monkey  See no evil covering his eyes, Hear no evil covering his ear and Speak no evil covering his mouth.

    This inspired artwork  monkeys and the proverb include that one should be of good mind, speech and action as we know that soul will receive good or bad things with the help of senses.

    What all those symbols means?

    Well all these three monkey narrate us that

    1. See no evil

    Shutting his eyes tells us about that we should not see bad dids about anybody. Look for good in life. Adopt good things. Don’t be negative. Raise your voice if you see something not getting justified.

    2. Hear no evil

    Shutting his ears says that we should not hear bad things about anybody. Don’t rely on gossip. Don’t act just by listening something from someone. Don’t be part of waste discussion. Don’t do selective hearing.

    3. Speak no evil

    Shutting his mouth basically means We should not speak bad things to any body.Never abuse anyone. Always speak truth no matter how hard it is. Be wise in speaking. Speak for poor.

    If we all would do this everyday, we will be stay happy for lifetime and there will be nothing but goodness. So, it’s time to Deliver motivation to minimise bad things to get to the soul.


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