How can we save ourselves from Cyclone?

Source : Akashvani Air

Before Cyclone:
1. Ignore rumors, Stay Calm, Don’t Panic.
2. Keep your mobile phones charged to ensure connectivity, use SMS.
3. Listen to the radio, watch TV, read newspapers for weather updates.
4. Keep your documents and valuable in a waterproof container.
5. Prepare an emergency kit with essential items for safety and survival.
6. Secure your house; carry out repair; don’t leave sharp objects loose.
7. Untie cattle/animals to ensure their safety.

During and After Cyclone:
1. Switch off electrical mains, gas supply.
2. Keep doors and windows shut.
3. If your house is unsafe, leave early before the onset of a cyclone.
4. Listen to radio/transistor.
5. Drink boiled/chlorinated water.
6. Rely only on official warning.

If Outdoors:
1. Do not enter the damaged building.
2. Watch out for broken electric poles and wires, and other sharp objects.
3. Seek and safe shelter as soon as possible.

For Fisherman:
1. Keep a radio set with extra batteries handy.
2. Keep boats tied up in a safe place.
3. Not venture out in the sea.


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