How to keep children safe from going Online?


With schools’s dosure due to the pandemic, may children are spending more time online. Parents should restrict their access to cyber world, but empower them to stay safe online.

1. Accounts for Children- Create a separate profile/account on platforms. This will help keep a track of their online activities.

2. YouTube Kids- Instead of browsing videos on YouTube, use YouTube kids, which shows only curated content.

3. Managing Screen Time- You can create a family deal, and chart out terms like no devices at the dinner table.

4. Know the rules- If your child uses any social media platform, sit together with them and go through the guidelines of the platform.

5. Stranger danger- Remind your child about not accepting friend request from people they may not know.

6. Bonding activities- Watch movies, sports, news, web-series or gaming together as a family as a stress buster and an enjoyable bonding experience.


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