ABJ FOUNDATION planned and proposed to come out with a Healthcare scheme “AROGYAM BHARAT” -“HEALTH FOR ALL” and treat it as a formal proposal from ABJ FOUNDATION, intended to highlight various ways-and-means with which it wishes to associate with BSKY. One of the largest State-wide schemes for strengthening healthcare infrastructure across the State in extension to the Odisha Health Mission 2025.

    The scheme is determined to establish a chain of International Standard, Super-Specialty Hospitals, High end Diagnostics Centers at District level on PAN India basis for underprivileged masses, which aims to get facilitated with 100% insurance-based cashless and 0% hidden cost benefit and guarantee. Odisha Being the home state, the first project of the above module will be launched in Odisha. The world renowned ENRAF NONIUS, a world leader in Healthcare has consented to be executing the Partner of this project.

    From ENRAF NONIUS, MD, Mr. Sunil Kumar Agarwal and CEO, Dr. A.P. Chaudhari in discussion with ABJ FOUNDATION Chairman, Shri Jitendra Kumar Hati came up with executing an MOU. A tentative budget of Rupees Ten Thousand Crore at a time span of 7 years will be put in healthcare sector of Odisha which will change the healthcare scenario of the state and Odisha will be a role model of the country as said by ABJ FOUNDATION in the meet.

    Key-Highlights of the Proposal:
    • Creation and improvement of long-term public healthcare infrastructure, which may be developed to uniformly implement across the
    • Planning, development and implementation of a chain of super specialty hospitals facilitated with 2000 plus beds and Medical College & Allied Institute in state capital & up gradation of District Headquarters Hospitals and Diagnostic
    • People to have access to a full range of diagnostic services in the public healthcare system through placements of:
      1. Integrated network of laboratories
      2. Exclusive critical care hospitals
      3. Integrated public health care centers
    • The objective is to provide 360 degree complete support for rural health and wellness centres in all dist head
    • State-wise established and comprehensively designed super specialty hospitals to be fully equipped for granting direct access to all BSKY beneficiaries of: EPL/ BPL /EWS / Pvt. Hospital Health
    • The Foundation proposed to have a PPP Module agreement with the Central and State for operating the same in Ratio of 50%-50% basis. 
    • Social Impact:
      • The Hospital & Diagnostic services will accessible to all echelon of the
      • This project will bring equality in Healthcare service which also encompass marginalized group.
      • The project will enable high quality & High end Hospital and Diagnostic
      • Improve the efficiency of hospital due to the presence of high quality diagnostic centre at dist. HQ hospital.
      • Enhance District hospital efficiency and reduce diagnostic referral, thereby reduce service cost & treatment
      • Society will get best private public services at one
      • The State level Hospital will provide cash less treatment to all, hence reduce the capital burden of public in
      • Bring quality medical education and allied health program at affordable
      • Brings opportunities for local researchers on health care research facilities with international research
      Economic Impact:
      • The Hospital project will generate 500 high value jobs and open up opportunity for local professionals and will generate more than 1500 support service Together 2000-2200 direct Jobs will be available.
      • The University will alone create 300-350 high value job and 500 support staff
      • The 30 district diagnostic centres will create 150 high value and 300 support staff
      • A total of around 4500 direct jobs and assured another 5000 indirect jobs will be
      • Therefore for a livelihood impact for Ten thousand families that is 45 to 50 thousand individuals will have better
      Environmental Impact:
      • The hospital will generate infectious materials will be treated by incineration or appropriate biomedical waste treatment
      • The district diagnostic centres does not produce harmful radiation or noise, body fluids waste water are generated during the procedure, which disposed as per biomedical waste
      • To reduce carbon foot print, 500 kw solar power plant, 50 KL solar water heater and 20 Mc3 Bio CNG plant from kitchen waste will installed to meet50-60% various energy

      ABJ FOUNDATION, under the leadership of Mr. Jitendra Kumar Hati, the Chairman, ABJ FOUNDATION envisions to undertake multi-dimensional healthcare services with medical & allied health education to not just fill existing gaps in healthcare sector but also to raise the standards of healthcare infrastructure, Service delivery & medical education especially to cope- up with inadequate primary-healthcare as well as critical-healthcare facilities at rural / urban areas and health care professionals.


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