Nature Girl Poorna reveal her much awaited Velvet apple

    Source: The Nature Girl

    Have you ever heard about Velvet Apple?? Even I have not. While scrolling the Youtube videos I came across a very unknown video of the youtube channel THE NATURE GIRL and trust me I became a consistent fan of her.

    Read the full Velvet Apple Experience of Poorna and what she wrote:

    I have waited for months until the Velvet fruits are ripened. Always, I look at the tree and think when I can get the harvest. There is a very good smell near the velvet tree, just like the “Durian fruit”. But somebody say, it is very bad smell however, it is a very good smell for me. Velvet is very delicious to cook with coconut milk and curry powder and my mother prepare that dish very deliciously. Velvet is known as “Thimbiri” in some areas. Velvet leaves are used for the treatments of patients whom suffering from bone cases. My father told me my grandfather use that method in the past. Every single part of velvet tree is very useful such as leaves, fruits, roots and shale.

    How does the Velvet tree look-alike ??

    The Velvet tree looks like a Christmas tree because the red fruits are everywhere on the tree. Well-mellowed fruits can pluck easily. Velvet fruit is a pubescent fruit therefore the fluff can be smear on the hands when we touch it. The fruit of the velvet tree, which was eaten by bats, is stuffed under the tree. Some of them have sprouted. I picked the velvet until the basket was full, and on the way back I rubbed the velvet on the tree and removed the fine fibers from the velvet. Velvet has a good, sweet taste as well as a good flour texture. So, if it ripens well, worms will form on the fruit. So I added black grapes, brown sugar, salt, lemon juice, basil seeds to the slightly ripe velvet nuts and made grape velvet jam as soon as I came home. It can be used in the future. I made the icing I needed, until I baked two butter cakes in the oven with the crushed velvet. I made the icing by adding cocoa powder, icing sugar and butter together. I decorate the cake using whipping cream with natural pigment. Is it beautiful?

    Mother’s leg ailment is still not good. So, my mother started sewing because she was too lazy to stay in bed. I went to bring tea for mom and dad, when I was coming back, they taste the velvet cake. It was much funny.

    In these days it is always rainy. No matter how much it rains, it gets hot during the day. If people think selflessly without harming the trees, the leaves and the environment, the sun will never burn people like this. I prepared “Velvet Aggala” for the tea. Heat a little bit of chopped cashews in a little ghee, along with the coconut, when mixed with a little condensed milk, it tastes like coconut caps, but a little more mellow. I take a little from the mixture and add a little velvet jam that I had made earlier and made little ‘aggalas’. I add some cardamom powder to the rest of the mixture and mix some fruit pieces with the purple yam flour because it has a nice purple color. The purple yam flour mixture was placed around the small ‘aggala’ and the large ‘aggala’ was made by rounding them by hand. Dad was cutting betel leaves when I was going there to give him ‘aggala’. So those who eat betels, can’t do without betel stand. Dad must have tasted and eaten ‘Aggala’. I know the taste of it. While bringing the tea, ‘Saki’ also came from somewhere. Looks like, it is cool under the betel stand for ‘Saki’. ‘Saki’ loves everyone at home as well as we love them too. Animals have great energy that can quench us. Even their gaze makes me quench. No matter how hot the sun is, it is very cool under the betel stand. How much a shading tree loves us? If the hearts of the people were not harmed. I always wish it. Close to nature. See that philosophy. Free yourself from this journey.


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