Some natural ways to keep Mosquitoes away


How to prevent mosquitoes? On a hot summer day, outdoor activities can be received by mosquitoes. This little guy can spoil every holiday, especially if you taste sweet!

Here we have shared some super effective remedies to keep mosquitoes away from your body, try them instead of reaching for more chemical spray.

1.Lavender oil-

Lavender does not only smell or look nice it also known to be helpful against mosquitoes. It contains several oils including alcohol which protects lavender from insects and that’s why mosquitoes hate lavender so much. To see this amazing effect for yourself apply few drops of lavender oil in your skin, rub it and go on with your day. If you have mosquitoes in-home, spray lavender or use room freshener for a while, also you can grow lavender plants outside your house.

2. Tea tree oil –

It’s another essential ingredient that fights against mosquitoes. This type of oil contains a powerful combination of antiseptic, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties. This oil can also help get rid of irritation if you already got bitten! apply on that area you will instantly feel relief, give a couple of hours bite will disappear.

3. Vanilla –

Even the smell of vanilla is really pleasant, mosquitoes cannot stand on it. You can also be natural vanilla spray when you are planning to go out make two tsp of vanilla add one cup of water all into a spray bottle and spray yourself. It will not only smell nice but also can stay protected from mosquitoes. Just make sure that vanilla you brought from any store does not contain sugar oil or alcohol, otherwise, it won’t give you the result you are looking for.

4. Black pepper –

This ingredient you probably have in your kitchen, Yeah it’s true black pepper can protect you from mosquitoes flying in your house. It will not only kill mosquitoes but also assure you that mosquitoes won’t bite you. Just apply black pepper oil in your skin make sure not to apply more.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar –

This multipurpose remedies that help you in any pass of the problem including mosquitoes. Make your apple cinder spray to keep away from mosquitoes, to make it just add water plus apple cider vinegar in equal proportion on the spray bottle, spay throughout your house and wait to see the results. To double the effects you can add lemon. If you apply Apple cider vinegar in your meal you can equally be benefited. However, it is one of the strongest natural remedies.

6. Soapy water-

Easy to make it, its pretty tricky remedies usually attract mosquitoes, you can put it in container and place in your living room or where you usually hang out. The higher the concentration the quicker the mosquitoes will die. Soap water spray is also highly effective, that will quite mosquitoes and other insects.


Like vinegar strong fresh mint is another ingredient that most of us love and the mosquitos hate, apply mint oil to the skin and planting it in your garden can also keep you away from mosquitoes, also will provide you healthy natural environment.


Some of the easiest ways to make sure that mosquitoes will never fly in your direction is to eat some garlic, when you consume at least one clove, garlic oil release from your pores, creating a powerful barrier between your skin and mosquitoes.


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