Some Photos of smog behind the health emergency in Delhi


The Delhi residents are sharing pictures of toxic air pollution that grab the capital city of India.

Here are several post which were made by the people in social media blogging site have a look!

1. Principal secretary to Prime Minister, Cabinet Secretary to hold meeting on air pollution in Delhi, NCR. (ANI)

2. Delhi -NCR draped in air pollution.
Its exceeding over 1000 AQI, from one end to another end of delhi.

3.150 KM from Delhi. Smog all around.

4.@airvistara Smog smog go away
Vistara Vistara everywhere!!!

5.Airlines and airports should provide quality masks to all their airside staff in northern states. Hope @DGCAIndia mandates. Pic @Shadow_Investor.

6.Sorry your assumption is wrong this is not kohra he kohra(Fog) but hazardous #AirPollution in Delhi.
We must seriously come out with solution to stop this or else will be in danger situation- Rishabh Anand.

7.This place is killing. Eyes are burning, can’t breathe, can’t go out… Is this what I pay tax for? Not have clean air to breathe- Sonia Das.

8. Delhi is indeed a gas chamber! – Pranitha Sitharthan.

9. Above picture is of #Patna sky and below picture is of #Delhi sky today- Kadambini Sharma.

#AirPollution #DelhiPollution #AirQuality #MyRightToBreathe
#LetMeBreathe – Geeta Mohan.

11.आज तो Noida में हद मची हुई है. – KumKum Binwal.

12.ये दुनिया अगर मिल भी जाए तो क्या है!! – Harshalata.

13.बस यूं ही…. ये बताने के लिए मैं दिल्ली आ गया – Kirtish Bhatt.

14.The view from my balcony Is no view at all. I have a persistent head ache. This is sick. – Supriya Shrinate.

15.देखो दिल्ली की हालत क्या हो गई @ArvindKejriwal जी! We are living in a death chamber – we can’t see, we can’t breathe! – Charu Pragya.

16.”Pollution is a western construct & shouldn’t be used in the Indian context to defame the country.” – Girish.

17. Another day filled with #smog – TOI Delhi.

18. A series of high-level meetings is slated in the next few days in the Environment Ministry and the Central Pollution Control Board (#CPCB) to review the rising #airpollution in the NCR of #Delhi.] (IANS).

A thick blanket of dangerous smog continues to choke Delhi, impacting millions. #DelhiAirEmergency.


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