Fathers Day Special: This is what Dads Do

letter by Mohit for The Scribbled Stories


You know this is what dads do. they love differently. they will get mad at you but an hour later, come to your room, sit down with you, and try to have a conversation. you will not want to, but he will stay there until you start speaking again.

you will say you love chocolate biscuits. and he will pretend like he didn’t listen. next day, you will find a jar of nutella or a pack of oreos kept somewhere in the kitchen. that’s the best thing he can do apart from telling that he loves you.

when you come back from college or school, he will never ask, “how was your day?” he will say, “go eat something.” maybe that’s how dads love. you will say you want to go on a trip with your friends. he will say no on the phone. he never agrees to anything in the first go, anyway. you will disconnect the call. he will then send flight tickets in your mail. maybe that’s kind of how dads love.

they love so fiercely but they don’t want you to see it. or perhaps they just can’t show it well. you will come home after months, and you will find him waiting at the airport. he will tell you that he reached just ten minutes before you landed even though he’d be waiting there for an hour. that’s just how dads love.

it’s funny how more often than not, moms get all the credit. and dads just take a backseat and watch you bloom. dads never really speak a lot, say a lot. but deep down, even you know, that if you mess up big time in your life, he will pat you on your back, smile and say, “it’s okay, we’ll work this out.” maybe that’s how dads love.

one day, when you will be leaving home for college or for work, you will catch him sitting silently in one corner. you will notice the lone tear in his eye. you will ask him, “what’s up?”
he will look at you and try to pull your leg, “from tomorrow, the house will seem more peaceful.”
you will see him smiling but you’d know he’s crying inside and that’s perhaps how dads love.


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