This Method will easily remove your unwanted body hairs


Mostly women prefer the popular shaving and waxing method, but there are many ways to get rid of excess body hair. Here we have the list, let’s check out.

How to remove excess hair?

1.Threading- This is the oldest method to remove hair from face. It is also used to wipe out the nose, eyebrows, chin, neck and under, upper and lower lips area. The thread are basically used in this method in a twisting way so as to pull the hair out by rolling across skin. Though it takes time and slightly painful. But, it act gentle on the skin.

2. Cream- This method is used by applying the cream on an area like upper lips, under arm, bikini area  to remove hair. It takes 5 minutes for it to break the hair down the hair and then use a towel  to remove the cream along with the hair. It last longer. As the strong chemical are present in cream so it can irritate your skin if it doesn’t suits your body. If you are using it for first time then first apply it on small area then identify the reaction.

3. Electrolysis- This method of removal used in upper chin, chin, eyebrow to deliver a  electric current into the hair. It provides permanent results but that could be painful.

4. Tweezing- This method is used on eyebrow, chin, facial hair. It is an easy way to get rid of individual hairs by the root. Pulling your hair out by the root, causing an ingrown hair under the skin.

5. Waxing- This hair removal technique that used on legs, arms, bikini area, eyebrows and under lip. It’s done by applying the wax over an area and then using cloth or paper to remove the wax along with unwanted hair. It make your skin feel silky, but you have wait for long hair to remove.

6. Shaving- This is the method use razor or electric to remove  legs arms, under arms, bikini area. It is less expensive, fast way to cut as well as it allow to grow soon. Be careful while removal to avoid cuts.

7. Laser hair removal- This method involve the light, which is usually  used to reduce the amount of hair and makes it finer. It is used in underarms, legs, arms, bikini area, facial hair and chin. It’s a pain free method.


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