Walking BookFairs founder opens up against Facebook for using their concept without concern

The Odisha Couple Satabdi Mishra and Akshaya Rautaray, started this book on the wheel journey to make books accessible to every person in India.


The Co-founder of Walking BookFairs, Satabdi Mishra hails from Odisha, recently blamed Facebook for using her unique concept without concern in the ongoing campaign #MoreTogether.

Yesterday, taking to her Facebook Account Satabdi wrote: Hi! I am Satabdi. I have been driving around India, in a bookmobile, for the last seven years. In the 35,000 km that I have driven my bookmobile, not one day has been without struggles. I have been detained in police stations for hours in the middle of jungles, faced rape and murder threats by goons of local politicians who own schools and universities, gone hungry and thirsty without a place to sleep, almost gotten myself killed on the highways of India – all because i drive that bookmobile, taking books to people.

In all these years, not once have I come across anything or anyone you show in your ad – no Dhara, no people offering me tempos, no people who turn it magically into a bookmobile, no romantic pond side locations, absolutely nowhere you can park a bookmobile as you please, and no people who just turn up in hundreds to read books. Nope.

I AM the only woman in this country that drives a bookmobile and it takes hard, back breaking work to do anything like that. Facebook does NOT get you there. The only thing i see in this ad is how you stole my life’s work, erased all the struggles, glossed it over and made a highly unrealistic, bad tv commercial.

Walking BookFairs and other real, independent bookstores and booksellers in India have to fight for survival each day and continue to face an uncertain future while you spend huge money to make idiotic ads that you claim are going to reignite the love for books and inspire people!

What will actually create any change is if you stop stealing from us and grow a spine and actually support real people who are doing real work in the real world.

Shame on you Facebook and everybody involved in the making of this ad.



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