Ways to keep up with your Resolutions

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It’s almost a week into the new year and some of you may be looking for ways to keep up with the resolution to stay healthy all year long. Here are some tips that can help. Have a look!!

  • Pushing Yourself: At times it happens that even after being consistent we stop getting the desired results. This happens because our bodies tend to reach a plateau,i.e., they get adapted to the workouts, diets and stop responding. Try something new and push a tiny bit more than you did.
  • Make Up Your Mind: So, what is your goa? whatever your intention be you first must decide on where you want to see yourself after a week, month, year and so on.
  • Consistency: So you’ve started working on your goal of being fit, but times you might feel like not doing it, or inadvertently missed out on workouts or diet. Missed out a day? No problem start again the next day.
  • Start Small: Like the famous saying, ‘The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step’, your goal might be big, but it can be complete easily with small steps. You won’t get fit overnight, but it will be a long-term investment on self.
  • Self-Discipline: You get ready to go to work on time, prepare your kids to reach school on time and so on. So, why not inculcate a little bit of discipline towards our health. It could be something as simple as waking up half an hour before to go out on a walk.


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