What Alia does when she is alone


Actress Alia Bhatt has shares what she does when she has too much energy and no one to talk to. “My post pack up routine,” She wrote on her Instagram story before explaining. “Hydrate,” She wrote along with a clip showing her water bottle as she travelled back to her place in the car.

“Look outside the window, whilst subtly promoting best friend’s clothing brand,” She shared with a clip featuring herself wearing a mask and looking outside the window of the car. In her next Instagram show, she wrote: “Watch the beautiful sunrise and accidentally pap Mr Mam,” and attached a moving video of the sunrise. “Do all this while listening to some of my favourite songs,” she added.

The actress also posted the reason behind sharing all the information. “Subjecting you to this random information since I have got too much energy and no one to talk to,” she concluded.


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