What happens if you eat an orange every day?

The juicy fruit that makes your hunger complete plays a great impact in our healthy diet, as they are the only food that feeds you completely.  

How you get benefited by orange?

1. It supports your skin by helping you to fight against skin damage like dryness, wrinkle, pimples that are caused by the sun and pollution.

2. Reduces the risk of stroke. Especially lower stroke risk for women.

3. Provide protection against loss of the muscle mass.

4.    Preserve the bone mineral density.

5.     It reduce the formation the of kidney stones.

How eating orange may harm you?

Whatever you may eat in your daily routine it should be consumed in a decent manner. Eating too much orange at a time can have side effects. Here are the risk of taking too much orange, given below let’s have a look!

1. Orange contain high potassium, so consuming too much orange can be harmful for those who have      kidneys problems.

2. Those with gastro problems, may experience the symptoms of heart burns due to the highly acidic fruit.