Why do we use face emoji?


Now, emoticons have became the part of communication. Its something like crazy and non professional talks where we share smileys recalling  the face. Picking up the emoji for conversation is the starting point of exploring the feelings.

Here we have shared the reason why lots are emoji has come for expressing talks. So, lets scroll up! To know more

1. To express what you want to express even without seeing the face. You can say it in one word as, it’s a textual version of body language.

2. It is more likely to assume situation of person by the emoji that was sent.

3. Squeeze the text. Sometimes smiley is worth than thousand words.

4. Saves the time too.

5. To add clarity and tone to our communication.

6. Express ourselves in a comfortable way.

7. Light up the mood while communicating the topic.

8. Despite of formal talks it add the teasing harmlessly.

9. It improve the capacity to get the idea about the situation of the topic shared up.

10. To explore the feelings.


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