Women Power in Digital Space


OTT platforms celebrate its girl power by characterising female from a different perspective. Below there are few movies in which women are ruling in their way. Have a look!

  1. Samantha Akkineni: As an antagonist, Raji- a Sri Lankan Tamil Terrorist, Samantha Akkineni made a digital debut with ‘The Family Man 2‘. The role of her balances her vulnerability as a person who knows nothing beyond her movement and what she perceives in her idealism. Her character is a ruthless person who will go to any extent to get what she wants.
  2.  Vidya Balan: Seen as a Forest Officer in the movie ‘Sherni‘, Vidya fights to protect wildlife. The name Sherni refers to women who derive their identities from the work they do. The film released at midnight at 12 PM. It receives a barrage of feedback.
  3. Rashika Dugal: The audience wowed Rashika’s role in the movie ‘Mirzapur‘ as Beena Tripathi. She broke the Taboo of Talking about female desires with her character Beena. She eventually metamorphosed from a demure bahu to a fierce woman. Mirzapur is one of the biggest success stories of the OTT platforms.


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