Is tandoori chicken good for your healthy diet?


Although, people love eating various delicious dishes. But when it comes to their health, they go for various research. Tandoori chicken is popular not just because it is so delicious but also because it is very healthy, here are the reason to identify weather chicken tandoori match our healthy diet or not? Let’s check out!

Chicken comes in variety of cuts including breast,thighs,wings, leg piece, head. Each parts contain different amount of protein, calories and fat and each of the parts work different as well as best for different purpose.

Because there are lots of masala chicken dishes which is not good for our building muscles. So, tandoori is best among them, As protein is essential for body it is better to have chicken no matter it is tandoori, barbecued but try your best to reduce the oil.

How Tandoori is good for health?

The benefits we can get from eating Tandoori chicken are:-

1. Improves metabolism- Chicken helps to burn calories, that helps you to achieve the weight you always wanted.

2. Keeps your bones and teeth healthy.

3. Rich in protein- Chicken has the better source of protein as it helps in building up the muscles.  

4. Reduces risk of heart attack.

5. Cooking style- The way it is cooked may be in a clay or ovens or grilled it provides the authentic taste of smoke flavour.

Hence, getting chicken to the diet will help you to reach your daily protein requirements. So, non-vegiterians if you have not tried this dish yet then you should add it in your ‘yet to eat’  list.


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