How to use your voice?


You may have neglected the effectiveness of voice. But it plays a great role while presenting your image. While developing your vocal all you need is the guidance and practice in your everyday life. So, here are some of the tips. Let’s have a look.

1. Speak- It’s very important to raise your voice. Make sure that you are revealing it in a confident manner. Be louder as well as polite so that people won’t ignore your talk.

3. Pronounce correctly- Even if you have good voice its most important to open up your mouth and pronounce the word correctly.

2. Slow your speech down- Don’t be too faster nor stumble, speak with breath so that listener could easily understand your speech.

4. Change the pitch- The pitch add the quality in the voice which puts a great impact on the audience. Maintain the steady pitch all the time and tune up the high and low pitch accordingly to the script.

5. Add emotion- Saying the words in emotion sometimes connect easily with the listener. Like to the feel, the flow of the speech, as well as easy, to make understand the scenario.


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