This STAR method will ace your interview

While preparing for a interview especially at the time of behavioral interview; the skills, strengths, weakness of candidate were identified as well as the past experiences of educational, employment, extra-curricular, personal in order to identify situations in which you clearly demonstrated.  

During the interview, you must be able to recount these circumstances and in a manner which showcases your strengths.

What’s this STAR all about?

It’s the technique used to gather relevant information.

1. Situation – How the candidate acted in specific related situation. Detailing about Where? And Why?

2. Task – The task which you were charged. Describe the expectation and challenges about what you need to be done and why?

3. Action – The action you took. What did you do? How? What tools you use?

4. Result – The result of your action.

Basically, the logic is that how you behaved in the past will predict how you will behave in the future, in short the past performance predicts future performance.