Before and After Article370 at Jammu and Kashmir


With a farewell of Article370 and Aritcle35A from Jammu and Kashmir, at long last, the slogan “From Kashmir To Kanyakumari, India Is One” finally, finally comes true!

Now the question is what is Article370 and what was the scenario in Jammu and Kashmir before and after.


1.Special power exercise by Jammu and Kashmir.

2.Dual citizenship.

3.Separate flag for Jammu and Kashmir.

4.Article 360(Financial emergency not applicable.

5.No reservations for minorities such as Hindus and Shikhs.

6.Indian citizen from other state cannot buy land or property in J&K.

7.RTI not applicable.

8.Duration of legislative assembly for 6 years.

9.If a women from J&K marries out of state, she would lose the citizenship of the state.

10.Panchayat did not have any rights.

11.Right to education was not applicable.


1.No special power now.

2.Single citizenship.

3.Tricolour will be the only flag.

4.Article 360 will be applicable.

5.Minorities will be eligible for 16 percent of reservation.

6.People from other states will be now Able to purchase land in J&K.

7.RTI will be applicable.

8.Assembly duration in Union territory of J&K will be 5 years.

9.If a women marries out of the state or country, she will still retain all her rights and Indian citizen.

10.Panchayat will have same rights as in other state.

11.Children in the state will be benefit from Right to Education.


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