Chef Grandpa who Cook & Feed Orphans No More: Check the recipe of Grandpa


If you love cooking or watch a lot of cooking videos, you may have heard about Grandpa Kitchen, a channel with over millions of subscribers.

Prasad Bhat

Grandpa’s Kitchen cook passed away, he was 73, sadly has left a huge void that will be extremely hard to fill. Though his channel remains, it is very rare that we will see someone like Narayan Reddy, who was so passionate about his deeds.

Hailing from Telangana, internet’s favourite chef grandpa was famous for cooking simple yet tasty meals for orphan kids in his backyard. A green backdrop, a calm and composed appearance and food that looked sumptuous, Reddy’s show was massively followed by users all across the globe.

Here we have share list of the recipe of Grandpa Kitchen which were shared in the social media blogging site are:

1.Full Goat Legs Biryani | Traditional Full Lamb Biryani.

2.Lamb Intestine Masala.

3. Full Goats Biryani.


5.Full Fish Fry Recipe | Simple and Delicious Fried Fish Recipe.

6.How to make Corn Dogs || American Snacks

7.Chicken 555 Recipe | Dragon Chicken Restaurant Style.

8. Roasted Garlic Potatoes Recipe | Crispy Garlic Potatoes.

9.TURKEY Biryani Recipe | Delicious Turkey Biryani Recipe.

10.Chicken Steak Recipe | Butter Garlic Chicken Steak.

11. Chocolate Pancake Recipe | Eggless Pancakes.

12.Wow Yummy Lamb Maggi Noodles Recipe.

13. Healthy Coconut Milk Shake | Amazing Fresh Coconut Milk Shake.

14. Kitkat Milkshake | KITKAT DESSERT SHAKES.

15.Traditional Bamboo Chicken | Healthy Bamboo Chicken.

16. Biggest Vegan Pizza Recipe.

17.Dosa Recipe | Biggest Chicken Dosa | Tasty Egg DosaDosa Recipe.

18.Korean Perfect Egg Rolls Recipe | Egg Rolled Omelet Recipe.


20.EID SPECIAL BIRYANI RECIPE | Ramadan Special Full Goats Biryani.

21.Salmon with Garlic Butter Sauce | Seared Salmon With Lemon Butter Sauce.

22. Mexican Salad Recipe | Avocado Salad With Cucumbers and Tomatoes.

23.Biggest Chicken Omelette | Super Fluffy Omelette.

24.Chicken Keema Masala Curry | How To Make Chicken Mince Masala Recipe.

25.Garlic Shrimp Recipe | Yummy American Garlic Prawns Fry.

26.Chicken Afghani Recipe | Afghani Chicken Gravy | Eid Special Chicken Recipe.

27. Chicken And Prawns Royal Biryani | Royal Chicken Shrimp Mixed Biryani for 200 People.

28.Scotch Eggs Recipe | Crispy Mince Wrapped Soft Boiled Egg.

29. Whole Lamb Roast Recipe | Grilled Full Goats Recipe

30. WATERMELON !! WATERMELON !! 200 KG Watermelon Serving to Homeless.

31.TURKEY Biryani Recipe | Delicious Turkey Biryani Recipe.

32.Wow Yummy Chicken Maggi Noodles !!! Maggi Masala Noodles Recipe With Chicken.

33.Mughlai Chicken Biryani Recipe | Traditional Chicken Dum Biryani Restaurant Style.


35. How to make Corn Dogs || American Snacks.

36.Very Tasty Chicken Pulao Recipe for 100 people.

37.Fish Fry Recipe | Simple and Delicious Fish Fry.

38.Traditional Mutton Curry.

39.Pepperoni Pizza Recipe Without Oven | Biggest Italian Pizza Never Seen Before.

40.Wow 1000 Prawns !!! Simple and Easy Masala Prawns Curry.

41.Whole Chicken Roast Recipe without oven.

42.How to make Kids Special Aloo puri Grandpa Kitchen.

43. Popcorn Recipe Without Oven.

44.Goat Legs Soup Recipe Yummy and Healthy Goat Leg Soup.

45.Chicken 555 Recipe | Dragon Chicken Restaurant Style.

46.Whole Chicken Roast Recipe without oven.

47.Easy French Crepes Recipe.

48.Traditional Indian Tamarind Biryani For Orphans.

49.Crispy Fried Shrimp Recipe | Quick and Easy Prawns Popcorn.

50.100 Chicken Drumsticks Recipe.

[Watch] Gandpa’s emotional and heart touching journey

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