Day of the seafarer today


Seaborne transport is the backbone of global trade and economy.

June 25, is the Day of the Seafarer, an annual and international event day coordinated by the International Maritime Organisation.

The day celebrated for the hard working crews around the world who are vital in making things happen.

Over 90% of global trade being carried on our oceans its truly these hardworking men & women who we rely on more than most know.

Seafarers are unsung heroes of Shipping, the industry on which everyone, everywhere relies for the goods we all need and want. We are committed to providing an enabling environment for the growth of seafarers from India. 

They go down to the sea in ships; and occupy their business in great waters; these men see the works of the Lord; and His wonders in the deep.

On World Seafarers Day! Let the world know how and why seafarers are indispensable to everyone.


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