India successfully launched Chandrayaan II, today

Chandrayaan II, India’s Second trip to Moon Mission Successfully Takes Off at Second Attempt at Andhra Pradesh’s Sriharikota on 2:43 pm on Monday.

On July 15, the ISRO had called off its planned launch of its Chandrayaan II, less than an hour before the scheduled lift-off after a sudden drop in pressure was observed in a chamber due to which it was later rescheduled for July 22. 

Earlier on October 2008, Chandrayaan 1, was launched, which made India the first country in the world to complete a successful moon landing in the very first attempt.


A spectacular success for the Indian scientists, particularly the whole @isro team. This is truly a massive step for Indian space mission, and proud moment for India to celebrate.

Glimpses of excited visitors at the viewers gallery in Sriharikota