Kanccha Lannka pays “Bhija Matira Swarga” movie tribute to late legends Manmohan & Mihir Das


State and National Award-winning film “Bhija Matira Swarga” (Wet Heaven) available now on Odisha’s most popular OTT platform Kanccha Lannka. Bhija Matira Swarga is very special for regional audiences as it showcases the extraordinary work of both the late legends, featuring Mihir Das in the lead role and the film director Manmohan Mohapatra.

Earlier Actor Mihir Das won the State Film Award for Best Actor in ‘Bidhata’, ‘Laxmi Pratima’ and ‘Feria Mo Sunabhauni’.

Mihir will be seen playing a role of Raghu belong to uncivilised village in Odisha. Having hope that his son, daughter-in-law and grandson, who live in Bangalore, will someday come and live in this village and the son of Sakuntala, who lives in the village, would get a job for his son. Raghu’s ‘hope’ and Sakuntala’s ‘dream’. Neither one’s hopes are fulfilled nor one’s dreams come true !!!

The story of ‘Bhija Matira Swarga’ is realistic and merciful but the dialogue in it is strong. The two major characters in it are Raghu (Mihir) and Smita (Gargi).

“As the film industry lost the gems both remarkable director and lead actor Manmohan Mohapatra and Mihir Das, remembering their contribution, OTT platform Kanccha Lannka pay homage to the two starts through Bhija Matira Swarga”, stated the Creative Head Pranay Jethy.

‘Bhija Matira Swarga’ is the last film directed by Manmohan Mohapatra.


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