Discharge policy for COVID-19


The revised discharge policy is aligned with the COVID-19 clinical management protocol, guidelines for home isolation of mild COVID-19 cases and advisory on Covid-19 testing strategy issued by Ministry of Health & FW.

1. Mild cases of COVID-19
Mild cases admitted to a COVID Care Facility or under home isolation will undergo regular health monitoring. The patient shall be discharged after at least 7 days have passed from testing positive and with no fever for 3 successive days. There is no need for testing prior to discharge.

2. Moderate cases admitted to Dedicated COVID Health Centre

2.1. Patients whose signs and symptoms resolve and maintain saturation above 93% for 3 successive

If there is resolution of symptoms and the patient maintains saturation above 93% for the 3 successive days (without oxygen support), and stable comorbidities, if any, such patient will be discharged as per the advice of the treating medical officer. There is no need for testing prior to discharge.

2.2. Patients on oxygen whose signs and symptoms do not resolve, and demand of oxygen therapy continues

Such patients will be discharged as per the advice of the treating medical officer only after

• resolution of clinical symptoms
• ability to maintain prescribed oxygen saturation for 3 successive days without oxygen support
• stable comorbidities, if any.

3. Severe Cases including immunocompromised (HIV patients, transplant recipients, malignancy

Discharge criteria for severe cases will be based on clinical recovery at the discretion of the treating medical officer.

Note: The patients post discharge are advised to self-monitor their health for further 7 days and shall continue wearing masks. Post discharge, if the patient develops any symptoms of fever, cough or
breathing difficulty or she/she continues to experience residual/sustained symptoms, he/she shall contact the treating doctor for further clinical guidance or contact the State/District control room helpline or 1075.


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