Life is a beautiful adventure to explore and experience before death arrives but yet the journey of life is not easy to begin. Once it is started the path is undefined and filled with roses and thrones. For every turn and twist, we make have a price to pay and a reward to get. The kind of reward depends on the decisions we make and the actions we make. Life exams first then teach lessons. Life is itself a challenge to complete which is not given by others but it begins with the thought of getting the best version of oneself to fulfill own needs and satisfaction. This brings us out of our warm comfort zone and fuels us for the purpose of our wants and needs.

    Life appears like a complete package of the film which is filled with every aspect be it drama, experiences, struggles, love, thriller, experiments, comedy, actions, adventures, silly pranks and committing funny nuisances with friends. We also can’t miss its dark sides like tragedy, depression, mistakes, jealousy, anger, planning and plottings against others to get own benefit out of it. These negative qualities are enough to turn to be the antagonist in their own and others’ lives. These shortcuts applied to get success not only spoils others’ lives but their own life also. Now a obvious question must be arising that how can it damage our own life. The answer is quite simple to understand but difficult while bringing it to action.

    Now take some time and try to figure it out. Do you know what is the initial stage of the beginning of life? It’s a reward received by winning against millions of sperms in the race which is a chance to see the light of this wonderful earth. Then this single cell develops, multiplies and grows up into a multicellular organism. Instead of being thankful for this life, we got. We engage ourselves in this silly race of fame and money. We make a mindset up to run after a lifeless piece of paper notes thinking as if all our happiness depends on these paper notes. Here we fail to realize if it is so the millionaire would be the happiest persons in this world but are they? No, they are not. Happiness is received by giving love and affection to others and getting back the same from them. Being in this wrong race stops us from becoming the best versions of ownself. It holds us back from learning, improving and evolving. The life span of life we got we waste behind others rather than benefitting our ownself.
    It’s better to regret less in life and enjoy, learn more in order to justify the purpose of our living. This can be done when we start thinking wisely acting according to it. From beginning, we perceived life as a challenge and there is one more line that life ends with surrender, as we know the path of life is filled with roses and thrones. These thrones are nothing but the result of our twist and turns, hurdles and adversities that comes in way of achieving our best versions. These adversities have positive outcomes for those who win over it. They make us more flexible than before and builds our self-confidence. So before surrendering in front of adversities we should not forget we got life by struggling and what can we get after winning over the adversities. Be stubborn like the dormant seed who waits for the favorable environment to grow into a plant instead of losing hope to survive. Never give up before reaching the desired destiny.

    Swetalin Mohanty


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