Odia New Year celebrated with fervor in Odisha


Odia New Year was celebrated with pomp up across the Odisha.

Several devotees in state thronged to temples to seek blessings for their wellbeing and for their near and dear ones on this occasion.

This day is also known as Pana Sankranti, the day retains the age-old tradition of distribution of homemade ‘Pana’ n ‘Chatua’- a traditional delicious Odia dishes were prepared.

The (Bela Pana) wood apple includes ingredients like fruits, sweets, and sugar or molasses. Same as Pana only extra ingredients like mango, coconut, cucumber were added to it.

The day is also observed as the birth anniversary of Lord Hanuman in this part of the nation. Special religious ceremonies were organised at many places to celebrate this.

Besides, this day marks the change in solar cycle.

In many areas of the state, the ‘Meru Yatra’, ‘Jhamu Jatra’ festival is celebrated.


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