Odisha: Talent Hunt Contest Rajara Rajakumari Winner To Get 30 Days’ Job Card

The winner of the Rajara Rajakumari talent hunt contest of Odisha will get a job card other than the main award, intimated Pranay Jethy, chief organiser of the contest.

Though shooting of films and TV serials etc. in the state has officially resumed, practically there is much scarcity of work in the entertainment industry. As we know, many restrictions have been imposed in the wake of Coronavirus pandemic and hence practically there is hardly any production house which is shooting these days.

At this crucial time, getting a job card for 30 days is surely hilarious news for the participants. In lieu of the job card the winner will get work for at least 30 days for sure in the entertainment industry.

The runners up of this award show will get a job card of 15 days, Jethy, Founder of AMA TV, the organising institution of the award show, intimated.

This year AMA TV is hosting the Season 3 of the Rajara Rajakumari talent hunt contest.

The second round of the talent hunt show will be the IQ round, the organisers also informed.

The season 3 of the most awaited show is being arranged this time via online platform due to Coronavirus pandemic. However, from the excitement that has been shown by the contestants, it can be said that Corona could not hinder talented boys and girls of the state to exhibit their talents. As per the organisers, so far they have got videos from around 200 participants in the senior group and about 200 participants in the junior group.

Conducted by AMA TV, known actresses Sital Patra and Ragini Srtadhar will judge the first round of the contest.

If you want to participate, here are the details. The participants need to send their videos through TiK Tok. They will have to perform dance, music, fashion or acting through Tik Tok videos and send it to the organisers.

The winners will be selected on the basis of marks given by the judges and view of the audience online.

There are two groups in this competition. The junior group consists of boys and girls in the age group of 4 to 11 while the senior group will be in the age group of 12 to 24.

Interested participants are requested to send the Tik Tok video containing their talent along with their name, age proof and mobile number to this number – 9938915255 by June 15.

The name of the winners will be declared after Raja festival, the organisers intimated.