Odisha’s women celebrates Sabitri brata, Today


    Odisha is famous for its different bratas and among them, Savitri brata is a very ancient and popular fasting day that is observed and celebrated by all married Hindu Odia women whose husbands are alive.

    This Festival happens to be in the month of Jyestha on an Amabasya or no moon day. 

    The people especially the Married women of Odisha observed Savitri Brata today, this is the day the wife prays to Savitri who brought back her husband Satyavan from the jaws of death by her witty questions to Yama the Lord of death.

    The married ladies observe fasting for the day and do Puja with full dedication  as per the tradition. They offer different types of fruits like lichees, mangoes, bananas etc., to the Goddess and do Puja for the wellbeing and health  of their husband.

    Married women of Odisha and take the opportunity to decorate herself up as a bride with alta on her feet and bangles on arms and new saree.   

    The puja Prasad or offerings contains  fruits of nine varieties .  After doing puja they read a small booklet known as savitri brata katha. It is a usual practice to offer puja to the Silapua or the grinding stone.

    On this day many women gathered in the temple to mark this occassion. The temple opened it gates early morning for the celebration of sabitri vrata. 


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