PM turns 69: Top adorable birthday wishes of Modi Ji, you must see


    A shy child from a humble family in Vadnagar, to the leader of 1.3 billion people.

    A man whose life is a testament to all that is possible in Bharat and whose journey will inspire generations of Indians.

    Here we have shared some adorable Birthday wishes, have a look!

    1. Amul India shares lovable Prime Minister journey video of Narendra Modi ji, with a tagline ” Modi ji kuch meetha ji”.

    a) Kaamal ka performance.

    b) Darek mod mai Modi.

    c) Acha din-er aaya hai.

    d) Startup Indian breakfasts.

    e) Swach Bharat avi yahan.

    f) Global warmth?

    g) Bharatiya SAARkar.

    h) Welcome to Undian.

    I) From Namo to Yamo.

    j) USAfir hoon yaaro.

    K) I for I: Incredible for India.

    L) Shalom Namaste.

    j) German dost, Spanish coast, Russian host, French toast.

    K) Cheen ki Neend.

    L) Talkyo Japan.

    m) Utterly Bulletly delicious.

    n) Aab ki baad Bhajap Sheekar.

    o) Uttar mai Chadhaav.

    p) Phir ek bad Maska Star.

    q) Davoice of PM.

    r) Chaand taaro ko chhoone ki asha.

    2. A creative work by Akash Pixel

    3. Here this man shares the yoga pose of Modi writing that ‘ look at the stamina of modi, he can do anything you want.’

    4. Picture of most efficient, sincere,  stylish, PM of India.

    5. Look how Surat celebrating melodious birthday of Modi ji.

    6. Sky driver Shital Mahajan gave birthday wishes to Prime Minister in her unique style.

    7. Odisha Sand artist’s sand sculpt on this special day.


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